Another Day, Another Cappuccino

Here, at the end of our first week back in Florence, Davis and I are reveling in the familiar and the favorite.  The day starts, usually, with an espresso and cantucci at the newly renovated caffe bar across the piazza. With free wifi, it's easy to spend a few minutes sipping, munching and consulting Google Translate to help La Repubblica make sense.  Our favorite neighborhood restaurants, dei Benci, Vini e Vecchi Sapori, Caffe Italiano, dei Fagioli, and de Pazzi are as we left them: friendly and delicious. The shops on de Neri remain the same: the good butcher, the green grocer and the pane woman. The salumi store now sells seitan in addition to prosciutto and finocchiona and the Hahal butcher  still purveys the yellowest fowl in Florence. 

Some things have changed, however. Our wine man, Danieli informs us his store will close in early February and the grotto grocery store is gone for good. There's a new very fancy Trattoria across the street we'll have to try, and near the Duomo, Eataly has entered the Florentine food scene. (But more on that later.)

After a trip to the mercato St. Ambrosio today for all manner of things we found a vintage loden cloth cape, a little basket of perfect strawberries and the largest round of finocchiona we've ever seen.  The weather has been warm and moist, but not disagreeable. The Prada purses this season outperform the shoes and there's a new knitting store on di Macci. 

Here in our flat, the ever-simpatico Mimi, there's a pot of coffee, iTunes radio delivers jazz and things are just fine. Let the sojourn begin.  

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